QWith so many different protocols, how do you prepare Poly-L lactic acid in the office without losing money if the patient no-shows?

Gabriela Maloney, DO

Gabriela Maloney, DO

Forefront Dermatology
Brookfield, WI

Newer guidelines state that Poly-L-lactic acid can be reconstituted within 2 hours of treatment. This has been a game changer as it allows same day reconstitution. Once ready, a vial has to be used within 72 hours1. Due to these limitations, patients that schedule treatment and no-show can present a challenge. For clinics that do this often it is not as concerning; however, if you are new to doing this procedure the potential of losing a vial can be costly.   

I follow the label and reconstitute the product with 5 mls of sterile water at least 2 hours prior to treatment. A few things I have implemented to prevent revenue loss include taking a 50% deposit at the time of booking. This will ensure your cost and time is protected, and it will also help self-select patients that are very motivated to get the treatment. I have my staff call these patients the day before to confirm the appointment and remind them to arrive early. I also avoid scheduling these patients on a Friday, so that if they do not come in for their appointment, we have other days of the week to use the product before it needs to be discarded.


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